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Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of: Paper Stocks

Let’s talk paper stock. It’s what makes the difference between “Oooh!” and “Oh” with any type of printed communication. One of the first things a customer subconsciously notices about the print in their hands is how it feels on the fingertips. Turns out there is a bit more to how a piece feels than you [...]

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Fonts & Feelings

Fonts largely influence how an audience feels about a design. And to some extent, a simple font change can alter brand perception. Though we can't generalize all fonts, for the most part, each font category is tied to a certain feel. Serif   |   Traditional, respectable, stable Serif fonts carry a distinguished feeling of heritage and [...]

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Is Direct Mail Dead?

Is Direct Mail Dead? Not even a little bit, actually. Statistics that May Surprise You Beasley Direct, a large marketing agency, quotes from the *Marketing Association 2017 Statistical Fact Book: The fraction of households who discard print ads immediately is lower now than in the 1980s, averaging about 6%. This is true of recipients of [...]

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The Great Translation

The Process of Press Translation to print involves a process similar to rubber stamping. Printing plates are inked and the image is transferred to paper by means of pressure. But how exactly are these “stamps” created? So Many Hoops to Go Through A printing press cannot directly reproduce a replica of an image. Instead, printing [...]

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Can You Catalog?

Perhaps you have more products than your customers know about. With so much information, your company needs to be as informative as a salesman and as accessible as a website. How can you? With a product catalog! Many small businesses send out catalogs annually, and the year’s beginning is the perfect time to do it. [...]

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Thanksgiving Ideas for Your Family

“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life.” -Melody Beattie At West Chicago Printing, we love Thanksgiving. Here are some ideas for an even fuller Thanksgiving for your family this year. Banners Banners have a way of setting the mood for a room. Simple letters and ribbons, cut by hand, can add a homey touch to your [...]

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The “I Want This” Button

Why Branding Works The season for buying is here. Are you ready for it? You’ve got a good product, a good team, a great service. Despite all this, your customers could still be wanting more. What more could they want? Business Charisma & Chemistry Buyers want items they connect with, from businesses they connect with. [...]

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Copyright 101

When it comes to photos and copyrights, it’s always good to get the facts first. The power of copyright law was first granted to printers alongside the invention of the printing press. Now, copyright covers a multitude of media, printed or not. Copyright law holds massive power and is important to be familiar with, especially [...]

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Customer Spotlight: First Division Museum

Partners for Over 20 Years Here at West Chicago Printing, we are very proud of our relationship with the First Division Museum of Cantigny. We have been doing work with Cantigny for over twenty years. We are grateful for every kind of project we have been able to work on with them. A Recent Work [...]

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