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Is Direct Mail Dead?

Is Direct Mail Dead? Not even a little bit, actually. Statistics that May Surprise You Beasley Direct, a large marketing agency, quotes from the *Marketing Association 2017 Statistical Fact Book: The fraction of households who discard print ads immediately is lower now than in the 1980s, averaging about 6%. This is true of recipients of [...]

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Can You Catalog?

Perhaps you have more products than your customers know about. With so much information, your company needs to be as informative as a salesman and as accessible as a website. How can you? With a product catalog! Many small businesses send out catalogs annually, and the year’s beginning is the perfect time to do it. [...]

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How to Test and Grade Your Mailing

Testing 1, 2, 3. What would you like your mailing to achieve for your business? Imagine being able to direct mailing campaigns to boost your sales and company reputation, then being able to thoroughly evaluate the results. Look in a corner of the business reply card in a big commercial mailing and you’ll probably see, [...]

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