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Do you charge for local delivery?2016-10-19T10:10:47-05:00

We offer free local delivery in the West Chicago area. Our team is happy to deliver in person and meet you in person if we can. Any location outside of our range we can reach via UPS, or schedule a pick-up at your convenience.

How do I transfer very large files to you?2014-10-29T11:20:02-05:00

Visit to email us your large files. Enter your email address and ours as well: Up to 2GB can be sent with each WeTransfer email. If you prefer, you may always visit our location with your files on a flash drive instead.

Do you have templates to help me correctly design my project?2014-10-29T11:22:43-05:00

We have templates handy for many print items such as envelopes, doorhangers, and business cards. Please email us your template request at and we can send you one of our many standard templates, or we can create one for your project.

How should I set up my digital artwork before I send it to you?2016-10-19T10:10:47-05:00

Most of the time, the specifications needed for the artwork is unique to your specific job, but generally speaking, a PDF file is preferred. If your file needs alterations, a design file format (.psd .indd .ai or .eps) is recommended if it is available.

If your artwork is vector art, please convert it to outlines. If your artwork is bitmap artwork, please make sure it is 300dpi or higher.

If your artwork bleeds, please provide us with a 1/8″ bleed on all sides.

We understand that not everybody has access to graphics programs/professionals, so if you have any concerns, just submit what you have and we’ll take a look at it!

What file formats can you take?2014-10-29T11:34:50-05:00

We accept nearly every file format except for publisher files. However, we prefer that your artwork is a flattened PDF. If you cannot create a PDF, send us what you have and we will most likely be able to work from that file type.

What if I want to change something on my order after I’ve placed it or approved the proof?2016-06-07T11:17:13-05:00

The short answer is that it depends!

The better answer is that it mostly depends on if the job is digital or offset, and where in the process the job is at.

Many times, if the order has been approved just recently that day, it will be early enough in the process to adjust specifications such as quantity, paper stock, and even the artwork itself. This is particularly true of digital jobs. A digital job can be changed all the way up until it is printed. Please note that if the artwork is changing, it may result in a file editing charge. Please also note that if the job has already been printed, any required changes at that point will result in a reprint, which may increase the cost dramatically.

If the job is an offset order and has been approved, very often our team will begin the process by creating press film or plates right away. Most likely we will be able to accommodate for changes within quantity and paper stock at this point, but if there is a change in the artwork after this point in the process, there is a fee to pay for the remake of the necessary press film or plates. Please note that if the job has already been printed, any required changes to the artwork at that point will result in a reprint, which may increase the cost dramatically.

Changes to finishing and delivery options can be changed at any point while the job is still in the shop at West Chicago Printing. Please call to discuss the cost for your job’s finishing and delivery.

How long does it take for me to get a proof for my job?2016-06-07T11:26:40-05:00

Emailed Proofs and Proofs for Pick-Up

Once the changes have been discussed and all necessary artwork and text have been provided to the design team, you can expect to have a proof emailed or ready for pick-up within one business day. However, if the order is either a booklet or a branding project, it may vary between two to four business days depending on the complexity of the set up.

Mailed Proofs

You may also request that a proof be mailed via UPS or USPS. The time it takes to receive a proof for that job is the same as the above, plus the time it takes the mail to reach you. You may request UPS proofs to be sent at whatever speed you like, including Ground, 2nd Day Air, and Next Day Air.

Additional Proofs

If you receive your proof and have additional changes, you can expect to have the next proof emailed or ready for pick-up within one business day. However, our team takes note of when you need your project complete and may speed up this process if necessary.

What is the turnaround time for my job?2016-06-07T11:33:48-05:00

Turn around times are determined by our production team when the order is placed. Please call to discuss your projects turn around time upon placing your order.