West Chicago Printing offers a wide range of products and services such as graphic design and branding, digital and offset printing, and mailings. West Chicago Printing guides their customers through these processes, helping them best utilize these services to meet their printing needs.


Bring Your Look to Life

Logo creation that makes your vision tangible.

From sketch to screen to printed page, work with our team to bring your look to life.

Graphic Design

What do you have in mind?

Build Something Beautiful With the Team

We work with your ideas and imagery to compose designs that give your print a fitting look.


Quality is Important.

Offset for Precision, and Digital for Deadlines

Your prints will pass the standards of every industry. Stand out with prints on the stock of your choosing.


Share Messages with the Community

We Can Get Your Message Out

We can address and mail your print to reach your list of contacts, or to reach every door.

Products and Services

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Flyers & Brochures

What better way to project a positive image of your business than a brochure?

A properly designed and printed brochure lets your prospective client know that you are competent,
trustworthy and an authority in your field of expertise. This may be one of the best ways to establish your brand.

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Cards & Postcards

An easy way to keep your brand in the minds of your target audience is to consistently remind them of who you are. Greeting cards and postcards can do this in a cost-effective manner.

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Business Cards

It’s the first impression of your brand. Everybody uses them, everyone needs them and we provide a selection of premium stocks and finishes that can set your first impression apart from the competition. Our fast turnaround and expert design service will help you promote your image of success and professionalism.

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Product Sheets & Catalogs

Your clients will know the products and services that you offer in an easy to comprehend format with a
professionally designed and printed catalog. Whether it’s 1 or 100 pages, we can make it a worthwhile read.

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Booklets & Books

Directories, special event booklets, self-published literature; whether it’s your life story or a unique reference book… we print it all.

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If you have customers who buy infrequently there is no better way to keep your brand on their mind than a company newsletter. They allow you to maintain that connection to your intended audience and show them that you are the go-to provider of your product or service. Many not-for-profits and public institutions use newsletters to keep their constituents and donors up-to-date on programs that they provide or current news and events.

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Graphic Design

Improve your image and find your way to profitable growth through brand awareness by working with our design professionals to create the marketplace perception that works for you.

EDDM Mailing Testimonial

Video: EDDM “Every Door Direct Mail” Testimonial

EDDM “Every Door Direct Mail”
The US Postal Service has made it much easier for businesses, services, and retailers to reach out to their potential clients through “Every Door Direct Mail”. Just as the name states, your mailing will reach every home in any area of your choice, route by route. We can work with you to help you choose the best locations to cover.

Send to Your Mailing Lists
A tried and true method of best response for mailings is to first hone your mailing list so your message only reaches those who are the most likely to buy. Targeted mailings get better results and are the ultimate lead-generating tool, but an up-to-date database is critical for success. We can help you reach those clients that are the best fit for your brand.

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Letterhead & Envelopes

Your company letterhead is not just a piece of paper to carry your correspondence, it is a critical part of the total branding package. The message on this simple sheet of paper is not just in the words on the page but is conveyed in the images that accompany it and the tactile feel in the reader’s hands.

Envelopes that carry your correspondence convey the first impression to the reader and can be just as important as the letters inside. In addition to this important function they bring catalogs, brochures, announcements, invitations, invoices and checks to recipients and if properly designed, beg to be opened.

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Business Forms

Even though the digital world has helped save time and money in the movement of information through the business world, there is still an important function provided by the same business forms that have been used for years. That multiple part form used for moving product through your plant, customer feedback surveys, bank deposit slips, and driver’s logs are just a few examples of the multitude of forms that are used every day. A properly designed and printed form can have a dramatic influence on the efficient and cost-effective operation of your business.

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Posters & Signs

Need a large yard sign or poster for your event? We can do it! Whether it’s foamcore, choroplast, plastic or paper, we’ve got your walls covered!

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Vinyl, cloth or paper. One-side, two-sides. Grommets or pole pockets.…all available in a size that fits your needs.

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Note Pads

When you give your client or prospect a note pad with your branding it shouts your message every time they write a note. And if that note is passed along, your brand rides with it!

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Presentation Folders

What better way to present your materials to your prospects? A pocket folder can easily organize sell sheets, correspondence, catalogs and other information that promotes your positive corporate image. Why not add some shingled sheets in a pocket with talking points to get the conversation started?

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New technology in the production of labels has made custom die-cut shapes affordable. Make them aware of a special company anniversary, limited sale items or special offers. Stick them on every package or envelope to build brand awareness, it really works! Labels can also be used in manufacturing to mark products on skids or direct movement within the plant, for visitor badges, parking stickers and a myriad of uses to assist in production facilities.

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Tell the neighbors that you just finished a project on the house down the street, make those on your side of town aware that your non-profit yard sale is next weekend, leave behind a special note when the client isn’t home, spread the word about your new business in the neighborhood. There are many uses for doorhangers…we bet that you can think of one that works for you.

Additional products of West Chicago Printing include:

Inventory Mgmt.
Window Clings
Bumper Stickers
Foil Stamping
Table Tents

Don’t see what you are looking for? We may still be able to help. Let us know what you need!

We are With You Every Step of the Way

From the birth of your idea to the delivery of your print, West Chicago Printing is here to help. With a skilled editing and design team, we convey your message through both text and design. With a strong customer service base, communication through the proofing process is guaranteed. Our skilled printing team can then turn your files into print for nearly any quantity, stock, and format you would like. Please contact our team to learn more about our services and customization.

Meet and discuss your ideas with the West Chicago Printing team!

What Our Client’s Say

Thank you so much for your excellent service. It’s such a pleasure working with West Chicago Printing. You have such great customer service. Thanks again and we’ll be in touch for future projects.
Graham, Usagain
I want to express my sincere appreciation for all the guidance, understanding, cooperation and patience you have given me through the years. What ever would I have done without West Chicago Printing Company? You took me under your wing from that very first newsletter for Brandon Woods Retirement Community, remember? Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.
Patricia, Brandon Woods Retirement Community
I’d like to thank you and your team for the superb job with the letters. Everything went very smoothly and the letters have already been reconciled and mailed. I really appreciate you attention to detail and fast delivery – it’s great to have a vendor who supports me the way you do.
Bill, Fortune 100 Insurance Company