Partners for Over 20 Years

Here at West Chicago Printing, we are very proud of our relationship with the First Division Museum of Cantigny. We have been doing work with Cantigny for over twenty years. We are grateful for every kind of project we have been able to work on with them.

A Recent Work

Throughout the month of June, Steve at West Chicago Printing worked closely with representative Dave Blake from Cantigny on an invitation package. Dave has this to say about the project:

“Our team had a very special job we needed to get printed, a formal invitation to our Museum’s Grand Re-Opening. I sent bids out to printers as usual. In the end, it wasn’t just about price, it was about confidence in the printer to understand exactly what we wanted the finished product to look like. This was a letterpress job and many printers weren’t interested because a lot of it would have to be sent out or they didn’t quite understand why we were printing it that way. West Chicago Printing offered lots of advice throughout the job and understood exactly what we were looking for.”

Their unique project contained many parts. Some of these include two separate invitations for each part of their event, a perforated reply card and personalized envelopes to match. The package used a variety of print methods. A few of the methods used were digital addressing, offset gold ink, and of course, the letterpress imprint on a soft, textured cardstock. Steve was able to offer Dave quality advice and guidance that saw each part of the project through to completion.

“In the end, we had absolutely perfect invites that were as unique as we had envisioned them. This is one of the many reasons we have always appreciated the relationship we have with this company and definitely why they have been in business over 100 years!”

Final Words

Recently, Dave has blessed us with these kind words:

“They are one of the most honest and experienced printing companies I’ve ever worked with.” –Dave Blake

We look forward to more unique projects with Cantigny in the future. To find out more about letterpress or for more ideas about our specialized services, call our experts here at 630.293.0500.